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7915 Nineteenth Sideroad Schomberg,

Ontario L0G1T0,


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Pegasus Biomechanics 


os.Piastowskie 88/13


61-161 Poznań


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  • Helen Mathie, Team GBR Physio to Para Equestrian Team

    “ I have used the Visualise Jacket with both able-bodied and disabled riders who have varying degrees of asymmetry. As a result of their asymmetries...

  • Gill Watson, International Eventing Trainer

    “ The Visualise jacket provides the trainer with a clear picture of the rider’s position enabling small corrections to be made. It is also valuable to the rider s with mirrors in the arena to assess themselves...”

  • Pippa Funnell, International Event Rider

    “ A very useful, new tool that makes you even more aware of your straightness. An excellent tool for trainers to use on their riders during lessons to help evaluate straightness.”

  • Judy Harvey, Int Dressage Rider & Trainer

    “ With a Visualise jacket you can easily explain how to make the corrections. If the rider has access to mirrors they can continue to work by themselves to achieve a perfect position...”

  • Hayley Colwell & ZIDAANE Winner of the Centaur Biomechanics Prelim championship

    “ The visualise jacket is a simple but fantastic idea that enables both trainer and rider to highlight any subtle body imbalances...”

  • Emma Sheardown, World Class Performance Para Dressage Rider

    “ At any level of riding the way you sit on the horse and your position is of upmost importance – both for your horse’s welfare and your effectiveness as a rider...”

  • Carol Roberson

    “Dear Sharon and Russell, thank you so much for the speedy dispatch of my jacket. What a revelation it has been wearing it for all my lessons and hacking really makes me sit up and concentrate more on my position...”

  • Nikki Alexander

    “My instructor was able to see my position more clearly when I was on right lead canter and then on left lead. The stripes allowed him to assess my position more easily and to see how it needed to be corrected...”