The journey of Visualise started in 2011 when Russell Guire, founder of Centaur Biomechanics, wanted to design a product which would help riders improve their position. Russell's work within Centaur has seen him working with thousands of riders of all levels throughout the world and one of the key areas focused on was the position of the rider. From here, Russell's goal was to try and provide a solution, enabling riders to be able to assess and monitor their position and as a result improve.

One of the challenges with any new product is the design itself - the product has to be effective, look smart and be functional. These are the key aspects on which we focus all of our designs. With the first design of the Visualise training jacket, we had several issues with the inital prototype. However, this was soon overcome with the help of the factory and fine tweaking. To date the Visualise training jackets have been used extensively by riders and coaches all over the world, along with the British Equestrian Federation's World Class Programme. To support the Visualise Training Jackets we have Visualise Gloves - coloured thumbs, to help identify correct hand position - these have proved a huge sucess with riders and parents....


In 2012 Russell and the design team were back in the "think tank" (the name we assign to creative time), to discuss the idea of a new product - known as Project Neptune. Project Neptune's first protype was designed in 2012 and took us over two years to tweak and mould into a fabulous product. It has proved to help riders improve their riding and horse's way of going. Project Neptune is the name assigned to our Visualise Training Reins which eventually launched at Badminton 2014. The reins have been designed to help riders hold the rein more securely, preventing them from slipping and becoming too long. They provide the mildest resistance to the rider so that when the reins are slipping the rider closes their hand and holds the reins securely. Since the launch, the reins have been used by riders and trainers all over the UK and Europe and we have received great feedback.


As a company we are focused on designing products which support the rider in helping to improve their position and horse's way of going. All of our products come with a guarantee that they have been tested, designed and influenced by riders and will help riders of all levels. We are currently having "think tank" sessions working on two new ideas which will hopefully launch in 2015/16.

Our products are available within the UK. For international clients we have a network of distributors in Canada, Austrailia, Poland and shortly we will have distributors in Italy and South Africa. 


About The Designer

Russell, born in 1983, is a young entrepreneur whose quest in life is to have fun whilst in business and deliver great products which can be used within any industry.

Russell graduated from Warwickshire College in 2006 with a degree in Equine and Human Sports Science. Whilst nearing the end of his studies Russell had started the ball rolling for setting up his company Centaur Biomechanics. So in 2006, the day after graduation, Centaur Biomechanics was launched. Russell’s business focused on helping horses and riders improve their performance. Within this time period to the current date Centaur has worked with over 3000 riders, over 1500 horses, carried out 56 research projects and spoken at many conferences worldwide, as well as working with the British Equestrian Federation's World Class Programme in offering rider and equine analysis.


Russell is a keen competitor in dressage and jumping and has worked with some of the UK’s leading riders such as Tim Stockdale and Di Lampard. He has also trained in Germany. In 2011 Russell was nominated for the “insider businessman of the year” award and was in the top three in Warwick Business of the Year 2013.  Russell is a keen young individual with a passion for business and all things equestrian. Having built these brands up from scratch Russell is hard working and dedicated to delivering a great service / product which the client / user will find of great benefit. 

  • Helen Mathie, Team GBR Physio to Para Equestrian Team

    “ I have used the Visualise Jacket with both able-bodied and disabled riders who have varying degrees of asymmetry. As a result of their asymmetries...

  • Gill Watson, International Eventing Trainer

    “ The Visualise jacket provides the trainer with a clear picture of the rider’s position enabling small corrections to be made. It is also valuable to the rider s with mirrors in the arena to assess themselves...”

  • Pippa Funnell, International Event Rider

    “ A very useful, new tool that makes you even more aware of your straightness. An excellent tool for trainers to use on their riders during lessons to help evaluate straightness.”

  • Judy Harvey, Int Dressage Rider & Trainer

    “ With a Visualise jacket you can easily explain how to make the corrections. If the rider has access to mirrors they can continue to work by themselves to achieve a perfect position...”

  • Hayley Colwell & ZIDAANE Winner of the Centaur Biomechanics Prelim championship

    “ The visualise jacket is a simple but fantastic idea that enables both trainer and rider to highlight any subtle body imbalances...”

  • Emma Sheardown, World Class Performance Para Dressage Rider

    “ At any level of riding the way you sit on the horse and your position is of upmost importance – both for your horse’s welfare and your effectiveness as a rider...”

  • Carol Roberson

    “Dear Sharon and Russell, thank you so much for the speedy dispatch of my jacket. What a revelation it has been wearing it for all my lessons and hacking really makes me sit up and concentrate more on my position...”

  • Nikki Alexander

    “My instructor was able to see my position more clearly when I was on right lead canter and then on left lead. The stripes allowed him to assess my position more easily and to see how it needed to be corrected...”