As used by the British Equestrian Federations World Class Programme

Visualise is a company dedicated to bringing you good quality products which look stylish and smart, yet serving a direct purpose of helping to improve your position, technique and performance and improve your horse's way of going.

The patented Visualise range has been designed by Russell Guire, founder of Centaur Biomechanics, which is a leading UK equestrian biomechanics company specialising in horse and rider performance. Through Russell’s work, Visualise was designed and tested in 2011 and is being used by riders and trainers all over the world. The simple yet effective design allows riders and trainers to see at a glance any positional weaknesses and as a result make corrections and improve the rider's position. Since the launch, Visualise has seen the development of additional products and more recently the Visualise training reins which have proved very effective. As a company, Visualise's goal is to design innovative products which can help riders and trainers of all levels improve their riding and horse's way of going.

Please browse through our site where you will find details of our various products, along with rider's and trainer's feedback on how the products have helped them to improve their position and teaching.







  • Helen Mathie, Team GBR Physio to Para Equestrian Team

    “ I have used the Visualise Jacket with both able-bodied and disabled riders who have varying degrees of asymmetry. As a result of their asymmetries...

  • Gill Watson, International Eventing Trainer

    “ The Visualise jacket provides the trainer with a clear picture of the rider’s position enabling small corrections to be made. It is also valuable to the rider s with mirrors in the arena to assess themselves...”

  • Pippa Funnell, International Event Rider

    “ A very useful, new tool that makes you even more aware of your straightness. An excellent tool for trainers to use on their riders during lessons to help evaluate straightness.”

  • Judy Harvey, Int Dressage Rider & Trainer

    “ With a Visualise jacket you can easily explain how to make the corrections. If the rider has access to mirrors they can continue to work by themselves to achieve a perfect position...”

  • Hayley Colwell & ZIDAANE Winner of the Centaur Biomechanics Prelim championship

    “ The visualise jacket is a simple but fantastic idea that enables both trainer and rider to highlight any subtle body imbalances...”

  • Emma Sheardown, World Class Performance Para Dressage Rider

    “ At any level of riding the way you sit on the horse and your position is of upmost importance – both for your horse’s welfare and your effectiveness as a rider...”

  • Carol Roberson

    “Dear Sharon and Russell, thank you so much for the speedy dispatch of my jacket. What a revelation it has been wearing it for all my lessons and hacking really makes me sit up and concentrate more on my position...”

  • Nikki Alexander

    “My instructor was able to see my position more clearly when I was on right lead canter and then on left lead. The stripes allowed him to assess my position more easily and to see how it needed to be corrected...”